Meet Our Staff

The practice of law requires many hours of investigation, research, preparation, and frequent court appearances. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “A lawyer’s time is his stock in trade.” Each member of our legal staff is assigned to primary areas of responsibility and work closely with our attorneys on all tasks required to successfully complete our clients’ legal needs. When our attorneys are not available, our experienced staff provides our clients with reports and other important information.

Frankie Atkinson

Frankie     Frankie serves as our Staff Office Manager and Real Estate, Mortgage/Loan Transaction Administrator. Frankie collects information and documents, acquires and organizes pertinent records, and coordinates transactions with clients, lenders and realtors and assists our attorneys with real all estate matters

Dani Young

    Dani serves as Assistant Office Manager and oversees office operations, supplies and equipment. Dani also manages our Probate Court practice and serves as our Assistant Real Estate Administrator.


Katie Thomas    This position serves as our office receptionist and assists our staff and attorneys with numerous legal tasks required to promptly process and conclude our client’s legal matters.

Claim Administrator

Amanda Farmer    This position serves as our Personal Injury and Insurance Claim Administrator. She conducts initial interviews with clients, gathers pertinent investigative and medical information, and assists our attorneys resolve our clients’ claims.

Jackie Thomas

Jackie   Jackie, also known as our “Man About Town” and “Jack of All Trades,” wears many hats, including office courier, environmental engineer, and office grounds and buildings maintenance supervisor.