For the past 45 years, we have represented clients throughout the Pee Dee Area. During that time, we have sustained the hjighest quality legal services and ethical conduct ratings of the legal profession and judicial community. When you're in need of legal assistance and you need representation you can trust us, who will always be on your side. 323 W. Home Ave., Hartsvile, SC.
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Driggers Law Firm offers not only experienced, and well-trained representation but also a team who is dedicated to serving you and ensuring the best possible outcome.

About us

  • Marty Driggers

    AttorneyPicture of Lawyers of Distinction

    During his 43 year career of trial and appellate practice, Marty was selected to serve on the Supreme Court’s Board of Grievances (1981-1984) and on the Supreme Court’s Commission for Lawyer Competence and Specialization (1989-1996).  

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